Monday, March 29, 2010

The 500 worst passwords. Can you find yours?

what did you guys think of all these most frequently used passwords?
well, when i stumble upon the below file on, what comes to mind, is what you might be thinking right now: wow! that is mine password!

well the truth is several of us ( i'm guilty as well) dont take the issue of passowrd seriously. we use the name of our dear handsome boyfriend, pet or middle name of our dear lovely mom (in fact that is someone password, dearlovelymom). these passwords are not only easy to crack by hackers but also comprise standard online security measures. password is like your little secrets that should be guided with the shrewdest measures. in the context of online security, your little secret should be very hard to guess and tough to crack even by the meanest hacker.

here are list of toughest passwords on earth

  • 13tBGd2moD
  • z8iv+0b4Wv
  • chVZNo=krM
  • =KcgMIl
you may say these passwords are meaningless and are not easily remember! 
you are right there but you can master them a few minutes.
according to ethical hackers it will take 248658 years 66 days 
3 hours 55 mins 54 secs to hacker the first two password. 
won't you be dead and gone before your little secret is reveal?

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  1. Thanks man for reminding us of basic online security measure. a.j


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