Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Relationship1o1: I was just an option

Relationship1o1: I was just an option: "She was perfect. Beautiful flawless skin clear of any blemishes. Long thick black hair. A body most men wish they could even touch. Come to find out most of them probably had. She wasnt perfect and I was fooled.

When we first met I just knew I had found the woman of my dreams.She was gorgeous, she could cook, she liked sports, and she didnt have any kids. It never quite hit me that she was too good to be true until I found out otherwise.I made her my sun and my world revolved around her.

Since we first got together she had male friends and why shouldnt she? She was a grown independent woman and I trusted her. Even though we didnt hold hands in the street and when i said 'I love you' her reply was 'I know u do'. So what she had missed a couple of dates or didnt answer her phone some nights. I mean she had to have a life too. It was okay she missed my birthday twice and I was the only one who bought Valentine's Day gifts. I......."

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